AtlasBX SMF Battery


Dynamic Power, Sealed Maintenance Free Battery
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  • 100% maintenance free
  • Enveloped Separator for low electric resistance Reliable starting power
  • Special Tissue for improvement of durability
  • Safety and reliability due to restraint to an inflow of outside sparks
  • Ultramicro fiber & Special tissue to increase durability of plate by reducing aging –rate of active material.
  • Reliable starting power
  • Excellent electrical performance (Minimum-self discharge)

SMF Technology
Definition and Principal of LEAD Storage Baterry
LEAD storage battery is composed of LEAD and watery sulfuric acid and make circuit to put that make circuit because puts cathode(Pb-surface of the sea) that ionization tendency is big by storage battery consisted of lead (LEAD) in electrolyte (watery sulfuric acid concentration / 37%) and generates electrical energy through chemical reaction.

While discharge, chemical reaction
While discharge, electrolyte is watery sulfuric acid (H2SO4 + H2O) and during chemical reaction, it is approaching in water by reacting with only sulfuric acid and according to the discharge battery, electrolyte weight and voltage is gradually lower and if battery discharge continually, active material changes to lead sulfate(PbSO4) and battery becomes perfect discharge condition that can't produce electricity any more. If it is discharged excessively by given voltage low, because Battery wears inside impact and becomes cause of life shortening, automobile Battery is dis charged to 10.5V(1.75V/Cell) ordinarily.

AtlasBX CMF Battery

While charge, chemical reaction
Charge rises electrolyte weight and voltage to regulation requirement and returns gradually from the water of electrolyte to watery sulfuric acid (H2SO4 + H2O) again. When charge becomes perfect charge condition because charge is proceeded and electrolysis of water is accelerated and gas of hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2) are produced extremely. Specially, at charge end and high rate discharge gas occurrence is active but hydrogen has explosion property and oxygen is the role of helping burning, so it should be careful fire near Battery during charge

Also available Calcium Maintenance Free (CMF) Baterries
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