Forceum Tyres


Forceum meets the European Tyre Labeling Standards:

  • Wet Grip
  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Noise Emissions

FORCEUM Tyres - Ultra High Performance for your Driving Safety. Forceum has the state of art in tyre technology that combines superior tread design with excellent sidewall protection. The tread is designed to get maximum resistance against hydroplaning forces on wettest road, to improve and stabilize steering, and to make grip and braking more conveniance. The strong sidewalls makes the tyre has high cut resistance. Think Forceum for your driving safety.

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  • FORCEUM 30 Series
  • FORCEUM 35 Series
  • FORCEUM 40 Series
  • FORCEUM 45 Series
  • FORCEUM 50 Series
  • FORCEUM 55 Series
  • FORCEUM 60 Series
  • FORCEUM 65 Series
  • FORCEUM 70 Series
  • FORCEUM 80 Series
  • FORCEUM LTR Series
  • FORCEUM SUV Series


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